TF-116 PatchThe Iron Butterfly Proudly Remembering those who Served River Section 544 and River Division 593593 Patch
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More Images of Reflection

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Group photo of 593 in 1969

Admirmal Zumwalt and staff

PBR on the Long Tau River

PBR and a Sampan

A memorial service at Nha Be

 Swift Boat

L to R:
Lt.Morgan, GMG1 Lee,
GMG3 Litzenburg
GMG3 Larsen, EN2 Simison
Top Row, Left to Right:
QM1 Williams, RDC Weeks, BM1 Hickey, EN3 Temple.
Front row, Left to Right:
SN Bodiford, EN3 Randall,
GMG3 Persico,SN Suter, LTJG Madden.

842 Boat Crew
842 boat crew,
Top L to R
EN2 Johnson,
PR1 Quinlan,
Bottom L to R
SM3 Schlotterback
and GMG3 Holsher.
Admiral Zumwalt
and River Division 593
at 1969 Awards ceremony

 593 at awards ceremony

L to R: Lt. Dereco, Admiral Zumwalt,
Admiral Chon, and Lt. CMR. Flanagan
at 1969 awards ceremony and change of command
for 593.Lt Dereco Relieved Lt. Bissonnette
as commanding officer of River Division 593.


River Division 593 in 1969 Awards Ceremony


Some Photos


Dan Morris