DONALD L. RASMUSSEN, born August 6, 1948, in Madison WI. He joined the USN and served in Nha Be, Vietnam with River Division 593.

Memorable Experience: In December of 1969, he and a friend (after a few drinks) got the idea of taking the Christmas tree from the EM Club. They moved closer to the tree, but it was chained down; so they threw a beer bottle (to distract attention) and when it hit the table, a fight started; they cut the chain, grabbed the tree and ran out the door. When they got back to their barracks, they decided to return the tree; so dressed in their undershorts, they carried the tree through the door, singing O Christmas Tree. The SP thanked them for returning the tree and told them to get the hell out of there because they were out of uniform.

He was discharged June 27, 1970 and GM E-3. He passed away in 2003

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