HAMILTON A. DUNCAN, JR., entered the Navy June 15, 1951 and took his recruit training at USNTC Bainbridge, MD in Co. 144. On Feb. 1, 1978 he retired from the Navy while serving in Air Borne Early Warning Squadron 123 (VAW-123) NAS Norfolk, VA after 24 - ½ years of service.

The majority of his naval service was in aviation with the exception of his tour in the Riverine Forces. During the Vietnam era he made two cruises to Southeast Asia. In 1966-67 in VS-38 aboard the USS Bennington (SVC-20) and as ships company in the USS Intrepid (CVS-11) from 1968-69. Also during this time he served a short while as an advisor to the Royal Thai Navy.

In country he served in RIVDIV 593/RPD-593 from February 1970 until turnover to the VNs at Chau-due, then on to serve in VN RPG-57.

While in 593, he operated on the upper Saigon River (Phu-Coung), the Grand Canal, Cambodian Incursion and Venti Canal. With RPG-57, he operated in the Rung Sat out of Nha-be.

He made 116 patrols and was in seven firefights with 593, in RPG-57 he made 30 patrols and no firefights.

Awarded Navy Commendation Medal w/Combat V, Combat Action Ribbon and Small Craft Device (PBR). Prior to retiring, he obtained an AA degree from George Washington University.

He is now fully retired and resides in Springfield, VA. A life member of the Gamewardens Assoc., Springfield Lodge No. 217, AF: Am and the Alexandria Scottish Rite.

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